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Selling the Sandler Way Podcast

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Sep 23, 2019

Bill Morrison interviews Tony Hodgson on pricing and Selling the Sandler Way.
In this episode:
  • How Tony got into pricing and how the field has exploded
  • What parts of your business should be involved in pricing
  • Why pricing should be a focus area
  • How to grow your business 20% through pricing
  • Value based pricing
  • How...

Aug 26, 2019

Brian Sullivan, VP of Sandler Enterprise Selling, and Jonathon Farrington, Director of the Sandler Research Center, discuss "The Client Experience" - the second survey from the Sandler Research Center. Take the survey at

In this episode:
  • What the Sandler Research Center does
  • The essential...

Aug 21, 2019

Brian Sullivan, VP of Sandler Enterprise Selling,  and Markku Kauppinen discuss: Major Account Buying Teams-Know the Behaviors.

In this episode:

  • DISC basics and why it matters
  • Differences in selling to buyers in small and medium sized businesses vs large, enterprise accounts
  • How emotion gets in the way for the buying...

Aug 5, 2019

Brian Sullivan, VP of Sandler Enterprise Selling and Jonathan Farrington, Director of Research for the Sandler Research Center share highlights of the Center’s inaugural survey: “The Essential Components for Sustaining Overachieving Sales Performance.” Included in the discussion are findings on the five...

Jul 2, 2019

Brian Sullivan, VP of Enterprise Selling talks with Marcus Cauchi and Dave Davies about Channel Selling in the Enterprise World. In this episode:

  • What makes channel selling different than direct sales?
  • Is channel sales just full of rookies and the bad sales people?
  • The huge amount of revenue generated via channel...